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Real Stories - Online Shopping

Real Stories - Online Shopping

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Fake merchandise

We were scammed by a very clever website advertising cheap barbeques. The payment was via credit card with a 2.99% fee or direct transfer with a 5% discount. Then we received an email saying that due to logistic emails our order was canceled and refunded. Not surprisingly, the money has not been refunded. Very clever approach. The first time I have ever been scammed.

Signs this was a scam

  • Very cheap prices from a very new website or seller were the first giveaways that this was a scam.
  • The website encouraged the buyer to pay via direct bank transfer by offering a discount for this payment method and charging a higher fee for credit card payments.

Avoid this type of scam

  • Research the seller and check independent reviews from other consumers. If it’s a scam, often others would have also come across it and there may be reviews online
  • Use a secure payment method such as a credit card or PayPal. The biggest tip-off that it’s a scam is the payment method — scammers sometimes steer you to pay using unusual methods such as money order, pre-loaded money card, or wire transfer. If you make a payment this way to a scammer, you’re highly unlikely to see that money again.

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