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Real Stories - Credit & Other Cards

Real Stories - Credit & Other Cards

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One day Brandon went to make a transaction and his debit card got declined. He tried it again, the card got declined.” He says he knew he had money in his account, but when he checked his online banking he realized $260 had been taken out of the account. $110 went to a Spanish book website, he says, and the rest of it went towards other online card transactions.

Brandon got $210 of it back, but he still has no idea how it happened. He suspects one person sent details to more people, who then used the card. As he noted, the card was used in Spain, then in the space of two hours was used in Florida.

"I was frustrated because I thought I was taking all the necessary precautions and I thought I was on top of it. But, obviously, there was somewhere along the line where I slipped up."  In terms of where he slipped up, he thinks he may have used a risky website and not paid enough attention to signs that could have alerted him to it being insecure.

Brandon said he was frustrated when he found out, but he also felt fear in case it happened again. He feels he is now more cautious due to what happened. He uses specific ATMs such as in banks or shops which he knows are monitored closely.

How to avoid these types of scams:

  • Keep your card in a safe place at all times. Do not leave it lying around. Report it to your bank immediately if it is lost or stolen.
  • If you are expecting a card or a PIN in the post and it does not arrive, notify your card issuer immediately.
  • Sign any new cards as soon as they arrive from your bank or card issuer. Ensure that you cut up the old cards as soon as the new ones become valid.
  • Cover your PIN when making in-store purchases or using an ATM. Use your free hand or your wallet to shield the PIN pad as you enter it.
  • Keep your card in sight when paying for goods or services. If the till is not nearby, go with the staff member to make the payment.
  • Remember, if you do not protect your payment card or PIN, or if you give them to someone else, you may be held liable for any unauthorized transactions.

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