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Felony Lane Awareness

Felony Lane Awareness

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What Is Felony Lane Gang (FLG) Activity?

Felony Lane Gang (FLG) activity involves the coordinated criminal efforts of two criminal teams in order to burglarize unoccupied motor vehicles for the specific purpose of locating females’ identifications and banking documents (Vehicle Burglary Team), and using those documents to defraud financial institutions by impersonating the female victim (Bank Fraud Team).

FLG activity does not refer to one criminal organization, but rather to a type of criminal activity with a specific modus operandi in which numerous criminal groups commit.  The criminal activity received its name because of the bank fraud teams’ preference to conduct fraudulent banking transaction at the furthest most drive-thru lane at financial institutions (Dubbed “Felony lane”).

Felony Lane Gangs (FLG) usually Consist of two teams:

Team #1 - Vehicle Burglary Team:
  • Consists of anywhere from 2-4 members, usually male members
  • Will lay in wait at parking lots where female operators will leave their purse and contents within their vehicles.
    • Daycare Centers
    • Schools/Preschools/Parks
    • Gyms/Fitness Centers Etc.
  • Will use glass punch on door window to obtain:
    • Female Victim ID (License)
    • Banking Documents - Checkbook, Debit card, Withdrawal/deposit slips
TEAM #2: Bank Fraud Team:
  • Usually consists of 1-3 members with at least (1) female member as part of the team.
  • Documents stolen from Burglary team are given to Bank fraud team to impersonate victim at the victim’s nearby financial institution (FI).
  • Female impersonator(s) will have multiple wigs within vehicle to match hair color and style of victim’s photo on the stolen ID.
  • Team will respond with ID and stolen banking documents and conduct transactions from victim’s account using stolen credentials at furthest drive thru teller line (AKA “Felony Lane”).

Felony Lane Gang Origins & Make-Up

  • Felony Lane Gang Activity originated in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area & many of the vehicle burglary teams as well as many of the bank fraud team members still originate out of the general area.
  • FLG is not one organization but are multiple independent groups with or without hierarchical structure.
  • Groups will recruit drug seekers, prostitutes and homeless individuals to be members of the bank fraud team.
  • Recruits may be from Florida or other parts of the U.S.
  • Burglary Teams are usually higher-level members.

Method of Travel & Lodging

  • FLG groups typically travel in vehicles rented out of the Florida area or at rental locations near airports if traveling by plane.
  • If traveling by air, the female members may use the stolen IDs of victims to book travel.
  • Bank Fraud Teams and Burglary Teams may travel on separate flights or vehicles.
  • Burglary & Bank Fraud Teams usually stay in separate hotels. Hotels in proximity to one another.
  • Burglary teams may store stolen proceeds on hotel grounds and common areas of hotel or in hidden compartments of vehicles.
  • Groups typically misuse plates or cover plates during felonious activities and will engage in vehicle pursuits to avoid apprehension.
  • Suspects typically target an area for several days to a week before relocating.

Bank Transactions

  • When conducting the fraudulent banking transactions, the burglary team usually monitors the transaction (counter-surveillance) from a tactical position (Adjoining parking lot or location across the street) to see if law enforcement is responding to the area.
  • Burglary team may also keep in constant communication via cellular phone with the bank fraud team and will tell them to abort the transaction if it is taking too long to complete, or if law enforcement is arriving in the area.
  • If a female suspect does not resemble the looks of the victim, they will typically sit in the passenger seat of the vehicle.
  • Female impersonator may use wigs, sunglasses, hats, scarves to disguise their looks. 
  • Bank fraud suspects usually ask for a balance on the account before continuing the transaction.
  • Suspect may conduct a straight withdrawal from the bank account or kite stolen checks from a different victim.
  • Bank fraud team will abort the transaction if taking too long.

Remediation & Prevention

  • Place a fraud alert on the account for potential drive-thru lane fraud.
  • Notify victim for potential of theft of ID.
  • Reissue checkbook, credit card, debit card.
  • Notify local law enforcement of any suspicious transactions at drive thru with victim’s ID.

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